Covid-19 and God

Where is God and why does He let the Covid-19 virus happen?

That must be a question that is going through people’s minds. Night after night we are bombarded on television with videos of people who are really suffering and we are hearing stories of those who have died, some of them far too young. Unfortunately, bad things do happen, earthquakes occur, wars take place and we suffer illnesses.

What has been wonderful over the past few days is people offering help. Tonight we heard of the thousands of people who are willing to help the NHS. EDCCA have had many people volunteering to help the people of Easingwold and District and if you look on Facebook you will see many of the town’s shop owners offering to deliver their goods free of charge, and there are also many individual people willing to go and help others in need. This is where God is working, through others. Jesus came and was the perfect example, He healed the blind man, He turned water into wine, he saw how the people around Him needed His help and he acted.

Even though some people are unable to go out and help others, people are ringing others, talking on the phone, letting people know that they are in others thoughts. Christ is in our midst in many forms, and sometimes it is good to think that He is working through us.